Hello and welcome to the blog. This is where I post visual stories, poetry, and thoughts on art and craft. Excerpts of each post are listed below. Feel free to click or tap on any one of them to read them. I hope you enjoy reading here and return often.


15 February 2018

Present, living, seeing
Citizen but stranger Read more

As I Am

14 February 2018

It is gentle, soft, and white
And tender, vulnerable, and pink
Full of uncertainty but comfortable
I ask for nothing, expecting nothing Read more

Spinning Out

12 February 2018

Spinning ’round
The earth, my head
It just won’t stop Read more

Dear Poetry

19 January 2018

To you I come once more
To whisper in your ear my secrets
And disclose my intimate thoughts
My diary is neglected Read more

Good Bye

18 January 2018

I don’t need you
I am not sure I want you either
I have untied the strings Read more

Maybe Never

16 January 2018

In my little garden, I plant
Little, frail seeds in oil black soil
Whose hopes are to grow firm and rich
In fruit and vine Read more


Am I the Art?

25 December 2017

Saturday evening I was feeling down from a recent disappointment in my life; thus being me, I wrote poetry to work out my feelings. I plugged my headphones into my phone, started up the Pandora app on my phone, and the first song to play was B. J. Thomas’s “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head.” Read more


This is Winter in Reverse

3 December 2017

Today I am publishing my poem “Winter in Reverse.” This poem takes its inspiration from a previous poem that I wrote about autumn last October entitled “Autumn in Reverse”. Autumn in Reverse actually started out as a piece written for a psychology class assignment on memory. Read more


My first time drawing in years

29 November 2017

I had been meaning to draw for, well, years. Today I finally broke out the drawing supplies and paper that I bought sometime in 2014, I think. When I set out to draw, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to draw, but I knew it had to be something more than a simple exercise. Read more