There is sound from the neighboring room. There is sound and it’s an instrument being strummed. And there is a voice singing. There is a voice, and it’s singing in a tongue I don’t know. It’s singing a song and it’s soothing to me. It’s soothing and it’s swaddling my ailing mind.

Grasping for Words

Often as a writer I pour over whether what I am writing is something that should command any attention. I reach out for the ethereal words to grasp them from the semi-opaque vapors in my mind that pass for thoughts, trying earnestly to say something significant. It is nearly inexpressible how I often feel that this is an exercise in futility: I can never say it well enough. It will fail, I fear… I believe. I even wrote an untitled poem back in early March that I posted on my personal Instagram (@prramer) that spoke to this feeling of inevitable failure at words. Continue reading “Grasping for Words”

Edging Forward in Photo 111

Going into this shoot I had a solid idea of what I wanted for my composition. I had made sketches of my ideas and chose to merge two of them into a final image. Unlike with the group projects, I did think about the idea of having elements that extend outside of the frame to suggest that there is more to the scene. I thought of this when drawing the ideas for this assignment. (I consider this an improvement to my planning over what I have done previously.) Continue reading “Edging Forward in Photo 111”