Dear Poetry

To you I come once more
To whisper in your ear my secrets
And disclose my intimate thoughts
My diary is neglected
Because to you I confess
My darkest feelings and expose
My truest fears
I have only known you a short while
But you know the most
When my friendship collapsed
To you I told my story
And admitted my blindness
With you I shared
My teenage pain which tore
The fabric of my heart
And as the hope for a new relationship emerged
To you only I quietly told
For the thoughts were too tender and vulnerable
To reveal to another
And yet I must confess to you
I do not long to keep our relationship
I know you have been good to me
But I long
To instead disclose myself to one
Of blood and warm skin
I assure you, my dear poetry
That I shall continue to visit
And to share myself
But when the day comes
That I do not pick up my pen
And cease to wet your pages with my ink and tears
Know that I am well
That I have found what my heart sought
That I am at peace high within
The mountains of my Shangri-La